Happy Sunday!

Can you believe that 2017 is almost over?! This year has flown by, with many successes for me and a few failures. It may surprise the people who know me best,but for a the 5 years I have tried setting a few goals for next year. Not to get confused with the “New Year, New Me” nonsense. I like me, I just want her to focus lol! Setting goals for the new year helps me stay focused on the bigger picture for my life, and the goals are the small steps to make my bigger picture. 

I remember my first few years I had way to many. So many I couldn’t even keep up with. I also remember not setting enough goals, then once I achieved them I was like “ok…now what.” I have finally figured out what works for me . I believe that you should set 3 goals for yourself. A business/work, a personal and health.

As I look back at 2017, I did achieve my big goals but wasn’t as successful with my other goals. For 2017 my goals were to earn a promotion (Business/Work), begin eating healthier (Health) and to read more (personal). I did achieve the promotion at work (YAY) and I did begin to read more. One book that I read this year was the Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. This book has completely changed my life and made me see a lot of things in my life differently.  I probably would have not started my blog if I had not read this book. I did not begin to eat healthier. Life got stressful and I went for what was good and cheap (McDonald’s, Burger King, Chinese food ) but for 2018 I am going to try to make this goal more of a priority.

Now when you set your goals you can just say “I want to lose 50lbs”. Yes that is a great start, but how exactly are you going to achieve that. When I write out my goals I have 3 to 5 smaller steps to reach that goal.

  1. I want to lose 50 lbs

a.)  Meal prep balanced meals on Sunday

b.) Workout 3 days a week

c.) I will buy a 16 oz water bottle and drink it all 3 times a day

Your goals have to be specific, or else it is going to be harder to reach them.  Another tip would be to have a very specific time frame.

  1. I want to lose 50 lbs

a.)  Meal prep balanced meals on Sunday

b.) Workout 3 days a week

c.) I will buy a 16 oz water bottle and drink it all 3 times a day

d.) I want to compete this goal by 6/30/17.

Having the time frame for your goal gives you that extra push you need. For me it creates a finish line. The closer I get to the deadline the harder I am going to work to make sure I will complete it on time.

Also, I like to check in on my goals half way through to see how I am progressing. If things are not going so well, then I like to come up with 3-5 different smaller steps to make sure that reach the goals.

For example, I reached my goal of a promotion at work earlier than expected. So now my new goal is no goal lol. It may sound funny, but because I am new in my position, I don’t want to add any more pressure. So my new goal is no goal for the rest of 2017.

Right now I am brain storming new ideas and projects for 2018. This is my favorite time of year! A lot can change in a year where do you want to be? What type of life do you want to lead?  What is your big picture? Once you answer those questions, you can then set your smaller goals in order to reach that big picture! Let me know your 2018 goals in the comments below!








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