Teryn Up Dating

Dating, Dating, Dating! I have had good dates and awful dates! I feel like the older I’ve gotten the easier it has become to date. I believe that is because I am comfortable in my skin and I know what I am looking for in a partner.

Step one: Find a guy

This to some this seems like the hardest part. This is the easiest part to me! Are you putting out single and ready to mingle vibes? Do you smile when that cute guy at the check out is looking at you? If not then start ASAP! No one wants to approach you with that resting bitch face. Once he asks you for your number he will text you asap.

Now I do not agree with playing all those games like don’t text back fast or don’t answer for 2 days. No one has time for all that. I usually will plan when I can go out around if I have a cute outfit already or if I need time to stop at Target to look at tops. LOL.

Step two: Dinner vs Drinks

I used to think that every date must be a sit down dinner followed by drinks and maybe a movie. I am a true believer of follow your instincts. So I no longer want to spend 4 hours on a date if I don’t like him. I prefer drinks. I can dedicate an hour to see if he has good conversation and then maybe we can continue on to dinner. Why waste time and HIS money if you know you don’t like him.  Men are on a budget to so don’t waste his time.

Step 3: The Outfit/Make up / Hair

You should to be comfortable on the date. The last thing you want to do is be uncomfortable in that tight dress and not like him! What a nightmare.  Now that it is summer I like to wear dresses/skirts.  I will usually choose something in a pastel or floral. I love feeling feminine on dates. I think when I feel feminine I put out that energy and the men pull out all the stops for me. Opening doors, pulling out chairs, asking if I’m ok 5000 times.

Men always say they like the “natural look”. Well my “natural look” has foundation, concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow ect. Did I mention that I always bake my concealer? I don’t really care if they like the “natural look” I do what I want. I LOVE makeup. I love feeling sexy with the perfect red lip or flirty with a bright pink lip. My sisters used to make fun of me because I would wear a “Kardashian look” to work! I just love it.  So wear the makeup that you feel confident.

Now with my hair I am always simple. I usually will wear it in a low bun. I feel like a sign of a confident woman is that she doesn’t hide behind her hair. I love low buns. I also don’t mind showing people who I am.

Step 4: Date Night

Date night is here! Date check. Slayed my outfit, make up and hair check. Ok were ready for the date. On the first date I never allow my date to pick me up. Mostly because I’m like Wendy Williams I believe in the killer and don’t want him to know where I live. Once we have built up a little bit of trust he can know what building I live in. I usually arrive to the date right on time. I think a good sign is if he is already there, he wants to impress you. If hes late, I am not going to lie, I am annoyed, but I don’t let it bother me so much I don’t enjoy the date.  By best pieces of advice are:

  • Pay attention to how he is sitting. Is he mirroring you? Is he sitting toward you? Those are all good signs that hes engaged and wants everyone to know that hes with you.
  • Does he gaze at you? You know that creepy look guys give you when hes deep in thought. That’s another good sign that hes into you.
  • Hows the conversation? Is he cute but dumb? Is he smart, cute and obsessed with himself? Don’t let your physical attraction cloud your judgment. Listen to what he says and remember “If a man shows you who he is believe him”.
  • DON’T HAVE MORE THAN TWO DRINKS! That’s how the killer gets you LOL. Just kidding but you don’t need to be drunk with a stranger.
  • Does he pay for the date? Now I am old school with this one. Friends go dutch, a man that is interested in pursuing you will pay. I had a date once that didn’t pay and then wondered why I wasn’t interested in seeing him further. I explained how I felt about him not paying and he said “I thought this was a meet and greet”. WHAT! ALL DATES ARE MEET AND GREETS! So needless to say we are no longer dating.

To kiss or not to kiss. This is totally up to you. I believe that you should leave him something to look forward to if you plan on going out again.

After the date don’t forget to either text him or call him and say thank you for taking you out. I hate when women say why thank a man for what he is suppose to do. Saying thank you is the simplest way to show apprecation.  That’s everything I do for a 1st date.

What do you do to prep? Dating can be fun!





2 thoughts on “Teryn Up Dating

  1. I haven’t been on a first date in so long since I’ve been with my hubby for over 10 years but I still get butterflies and excited for our date nights! I do have more than two drinks at this point tho! Thanks for pointing that out to your readers who are not in a steady relationship tho, there are so many crazies out here and we should be alert when meeting new people!

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