Get To Know Me!

Hey Eveyone!

One thing that I forgot is to tell you more about me! I’m Teryn the woman behind Teryn It Up.  I am from Chicago and am technically a middle child. I have 3 sisters and a brother. I come from a big family! I decided to name my blog Teryn It Up because when I was a kid I used to turn two bowls upside down and pretend they were my turn tables. My DJ name was “Teryn It Up”.  LOL!!!

Favorite color – Yellow because my favorite Power Ranger was Trini

Favorite book – Lord Of The Flies it was my favorite book I read in high school

Favorite movie – Jurassic Park the 1st one. I always watch and cover my eyes!

Favorite sport – Hmmm this is a tuff one. I would say football because they have better snacks. Wings, pizza is my kind of party!

Favorite flavor of cake – The Sams Club vanilla cake with buttercream frosting #Givesmelife

If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life it would be – Tacos. Who doesn’t love tacos?

I love to – Binge watch TV

I’m really good at – Not knowing the words to songs

This summer I want to – Explore Chicago more

I want to learn how to – Edit videos

A new goal I have is to –  Use my google calendar

Whats the oldest thing in my closet – I still have my tee shirt from when I played tennis in high school (I graduated in 2004 and probably got the shirt in 2002)

Guilty pleasure – Marriage Bootcamp Family Edition

Must have make up item – Basic clear lipgloss. I want my lips to say poppin

Favorite Christmas Song – Anything Mariah Carey sings

How I take my coffee – Large with almond milk and 2 sugars

If I could change my name what would I change it to- I wouldn’t change my name! I love it. You don’t meet Teryn’s everyday!

Now I feel we are officially besties! You know all of my basics. Tell me more about you!

XOXO Teryn

25 thoughts on “Get To Know Me!

  1. I love reading these about people. It makes getting to know a little about them easier. It’s great ice breaker for the writer and reader.


  2. I love posts like this. The last one I did was when I first started my blog. So nice learning a few things about the blogger and seeing what they like and dislike.

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  3. Fun! I really like Jurassic Park too. Such a great movie. I’ve been watching that Marriage Bootcamp too and hoping my kids don’t turn out like the kids on that show.

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  4. I have to admit that I am sure that several of the songs that I love I don’t know the real words to. I would imagine that I have made them up in my head somehow and that really it’s something completely different.

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  5. I am also one of this, not knowing the words to songs LOL. I am also a Jurassic Park fan. I really like post like this, I get to know bloggers on a different level.

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