Lessons Learned

What up! Oh how I have missed you! Things in my work life has finally calmed down! Just to catch everyone up to speed, I do work in property management and part of the game is your property could go up for sale. Which is exactly what happened to me last year. We went on [...]

I’m Back!

I’m Back!

I am so sorry I had to take the summer off. I felt like I was getting good momentum going with my blogging and then I had to uprightly stop. It has been such a fast/slow crazy summer. I feel like so much happened! I have truly missed this blog but life was a little [...]

Basic Ass Spaghetti

So growing up my mom was like Susie homemaker. I don’t know how she did it. She has a husband and 4 kids, she worked a full time job, somehow came home and would make dinner every night except Friday’s and still managed to have a pound cake in the cake plate. That is a [...]